I am Senior Lecturer (Permanent Assistant Professor) at University of Exeter Business School, research affiliate at MIT Sloan School of Management, an a Fellow at Alan Turing Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

My work lies at the intersection of computational/data science and cognitive psychology. I study how misinformation and disinformation spread on social media. My work has been published in leading journals such as Nature, Nature CommunicationsPNAS, and CHI proceedings and has been covered in major media outlets including The Washington Post, the Telegraph and the Financial Times. I have received Meta Foundational Integrity & Social Impact Research Award, Google Scholar Research Program Award, British Academy Award, and the British Science Associate Award for my work on online misinformation.

Prior to joining MIT, I was a researcher at Department of Psychology at Yale. I received my PhD in Engineering with a minor in Data Science. I also worked as a Systems and Software Integration Lead for five years prior to starting my PhD.

Email: mmosleh at mit.edu

Twitter: @_mohsen_m